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We present up to 4 projects at our monthly screenings. If you would like to screen please contact Benj and Gen at documentary3000@gmail.com The 10 x 10 format was created by www.doculink.org.

Friday, May 22, 2009

May 10 x 10 - artists, houses and bouncers

Melbourne's second 10 x 10 was almost a full house!  We had a great turn out as word got out about 10 x 10.  We had 4 great projects from 4 young film makers.  June's 10 x 10 is happening on THURSDAY 4TH JUNE at 7PM.  Here's what screened in May.....


First up was Evan Clarry with THE HOUSE I GREW UP IN.


The project is a personal documentary about the connection between generations through the places we inhabit; how these connections are lost and found again. Several years ago I took my father back to the ruins of the house he built for his family. He sold it to developers after his marriage disintegrated. When we arrived, it was vandalized and had recently been used as a squat for junkies. I had a video camera with me to record his reaction. Recently, after my father died, I journeyed back to the first house I ever lived in, and found it also abandoned, run down and forgotten. I was desperate to find something of my life there as a small child. And miraculously I found it.


For further info contact Evan at moving.stories@optusnet.com.au


Following on was Shufang Zhao with AUSTRALIAN SPIRIT, CHINESE HEART


Di Xiong Yao is an artist born to Russian and Chinese parents living through the Chinese Cultural Revolution and migrating to Australia as a refugee in 1981.

Over 20 years, Di Xiong combined western and Chinese painting traditions to complete two masterpieces. The 63 meter-long mural, Two Hundred Kangaroos depicts the famous Australian landscapes, flora and fauna with kangaroos frolicking. The 100 meter-long mural, Soul of Australia, is an epic paean of how the aborigines lived in harmony with nature prior to European settlement. This documentary shows the artist’s talent with the unusual and moving story behind the way that he paints and the topics he chooses.

The documentary also reflects on identity and biculturalism and the value of artistic experimentation. Di Xiong travels back to his homeland rekindling his passion for traditional horse painting, bringing new kinds of cultural fusion - between East and West, modern and traditional.  


For further info contact Shufang at sparks-productions@hotmail.com


After a drinks break, Tom Vogul totally changed the pace with BOUNCER


A rare insight into the world of crowd controllers. Seven bouncers are interviewed and give a rare insight into a dangerous profession.


Note:  BOUNCER will be screening as part of the St Kilda Film Festival on the 30th May in Session 12 at 10.30pm at the The Palace George Cinemas in St Kilda.


BOUNCER will also be screening as part of the DUNGONG Film Festival.


For further info contact Tom at vogeldesign@optusnet.com.au


And back by popular demand (and due to a late cancellation!) was Ocea Sellar and James Fleming with a fresh trailer of HERE


'Here' is a documentary about artist Jeff Doring and the connection we all feel to place. Jeff's work has been shown in the Tate Modern and New York’s Museum of Modern Art. His groundbreaking ethnographic film Tidikawa and Friends has been screened at Cannes Film Festival and his beautiful and faithfully recorded ethnographic recordings helped the Ngarinyin people of the Kimberley win native title. Yet Jeff Doring is little known in Australia and perhaps he likes it that way. He lives alone, deep in the bush beyond the reach of the power and telephone lines. But Jeff is nearly 70 years old and suffered a massive blow when bushfire obliterated his land and his home, destroying decades of art work. The works that haven’t been lost sit in tents on his property gathering dust. Through campfire and hilltop conversations on his picturesque property, Filmmakers James Fleming and Ocea Sellar reveal a remarkable and intriguing man, his work and connection to land.


For further info, contact James Fleming at james@rockmelonfilms.com


Next 10 x 10 is on THURSDAY 4TH JUNE at Glitch Cinema and Bar, 318 St. Georges Road, North Fitzroy at 7PM.  If you want to screen a film, please contact us at documentary3000@gmail.com.


Hope to see you there!


Benj and Gen

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