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10 x 10 is a free project development workshop. We meet every month at 7pm at Gertrudes Brown Couch, 30 Gertrude St Fitzroy in Melbourne. Filmmakers can screen up to 10 minutes of their non-fiction works-in-progress and receive 10 minutes of directed feedback in a supportive environment. It's a great opportunity to see some fantastic work, and also to be a part of the Melbourne independent film community.

We present up to 4 projects at our monthly screenings. If you would like to screen please contact Benj and Gen at documentary3000@gmail.com The 10 x 10 format was created by www.doculink.org.

Monday, June 29, 2009

June 10 x 10 - zimbabwe, drag queens and jews with guns

June’s 10 x 10 saw another great vocal and curious crowd pack into Glitch Cinema and Bar for 3 great projects that are in various stages of development.

We are now looking for people to screen at July’s 10 x 10 on WEDNESDAY 8th July at 7PM. If you would like to screen something, or know someone who wants some great feedback from people in the film making business and people in the film watching business, get in touch!

Everyone who has screened so far has left with amazing feedback, thoughts and opinions that have enriched their project, along with meeting new people and making friends. If you want to screen something, email Benj and Gen at documentary3000@gmail.com

June’s 10 x 10 saw three filmmakers screening their projects - Dominik Vukovic, Linette Etheredge and Jeff Daniel

First up was Domonik Vukovic with stories from his time in Zimbabwe

In March 2008 Dominik travelled to Zimbabwe to film and report on the country’s historic elections for International News channel France 24. Defining Moments in a Period of Change is a collection of clips that capture some of the critical moments during this time of hope, fear and struggle. The footage takes the viewer through a charged mass political rally for Morgan Tsvangirai then provides a glimpse into the lives of those at the centre of the struggle. For more information contact Dom atdominikvukovic@gmail.com

Second was Linette Etheredge with DRAG’S ALLOWED

Amanda dreams of winning acceptance for her art. There’s only one thing standing in her way...she’s a drag queen.

Drag’s Allowed, is a journey into the private thoughts and fears of Amanda Monroe, a transgender male to female Drag Queen. Her quiet and sensitive inner world is punctuated by the glitzy and glamourous life she leads on stage as a member of the talented and tightly knit Drag troupe known as Drags Aloud. With footage taken over a ten year period Amanda’s sadness, uncertainty and determination to find inner peace will resonate with a broad mainstream audience. Her story reminds us of the universal quest for self acceptance and highlights the complexities inherent in being trans-gendered.

For more information contact Linette at linette.rae@bigpond.com

And finally was Jeff Daniel’s footage from initial interviews with Ari Rubin in FOR EVERY JEW A .22

In 1968 pamphlets were being handed out in Brooklyn with the slogan “For every Jew a .22.” They were printed by an organization of Jews called the Jewish Defense League who advocated armed insurgency to prevent another Holocaust. What followed were bombings and assassinations making the JDL one of America’s most active terrorist groups. Today 27 year old Ari Rubin carries the torch for the JDL after the murder of his imprisoned father and former leader. Perceiving a growing threat to Jews around the world after recent Israeli attacks on Gaza, will Ari continue the JDL’s cycle of violence?

For more information contact Jeff at jeffdaniels10@three.com.au

Remember to check www.doco3000.blogspot if you want to follow up anything that’s been screened, and contact documentary3000@gmail.com should you wish to screen or attend a 10 x 10 night!

See you in July

Benj and Gen

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