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Thursday, March 25, 2010

Camera person and Sound recordist wanted: April 22, Melbourne

A filmmaker from the US, Joan Sekler has contacted us looking for a camera person and sound recordist for his upcoming Melbourne shoot.

I am a documentary filmmaker based in Santa Monica, California and I am producing a documentary about how miners, over the years, have been exploited by Rio Tinto, a multinational corporation which owns mines around the world, and has used violence against miners and their unions, in their quest for greater profits. In particular, there is a mine in a desert town of Boron, California where the workers are in a locked battle against Rio Tinto, in order to save their jobs.

There has been international support for them around the world because this is a David and Goliath struggle where 560 miners are facing off against a giant, global corporation. Next month, there will be an annual shareholders meeting in Melbourne on Thursday, April 22nd. I need a cameraperson along with a person holding a boom mic to shoot the protest, my standup interviews with the protesters, etc.

There will be proxy shareholders who can go to the meeting and will try to speak at the microphone against Rio Tinto's anti-labor tactics and I'm giving one of them a hidden camera. Once they come out of the meeting, I need to interview them.

The Sony EX-1 HD videocamera together with a wide angle lens, plus a boom mic is what is being used for my documentary in the U.S. This camera can be switched to NTSC which is what I need. I will be bringing a portable hard drive and my MacBook Pro laptop to transfer the footage.

This is a paid gig, but it would have to be on the low end, since I am paying for this documentary right now out of pocket. Once I produce a trailer and website back in Santa Monica, I can begin to fundraise.

By the way, my last documentary, "Unprecedented: The 2000 Presidential Election" aired on SBS back in 2003-2004.

Joan Sekler
joan.sekler@gmail.comcell: 310 968-6566

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