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10 x 10 is a free project development workshop. We meet every month at 7pm at Gertrudes Brown Couch, 30 Gertrude St Fitzroy in Melbourne. Filmmakers can screen up to 10 minutes of their non-fiction works-in-progress and receive 10 minutes of directed feedback in a supportive environment. It's a great opportunity to see some fantastic work, and also to be a part of the Melbourne independent film community.

We present up to 4 projects at our monthly screenings. If you would like to screen please contact Benj and Gen at documentary3000@gmail.com The 10 x 10 format was created by www.doculink.org.

Sunday, July 18, 2010

July's 10 x 10 - Adventurers, Prison and Doco Ethics

hey all,
Thanks to everyone who came down to July's 10 x 10 last week for the great night. With 59 people, it was one of our biggest nights and huge thanks to everyone for being a part of it.

Thanks to our 2 screeners, Jacqui and Natasha. We hope you got some good feedback and that it helps you take your projects to the next stage.

Jacqui Hocking's project is Top to Top

The TOPtoTOP Global Climate Expedition is the 1st expedition over the
7-Seas to the 7-Summits that will be achieved by human and nature’s power
only; to inspire children for a better future.
The expedition visits schools, performs cleanups and is actively involved
in promoting a healthy environment.

I have been travelling with the expedition on their yacht "PACHAMAMA" on
and off since 2008 - the documentary hopes to introduce the expedition to
the world! Incl. environmental issues/personal stories and to share the
goals of the expedition.

Jacqui can be contacted at jacqui@hockingstudios.com

Second up was 2 versions of Natasha Carrington's Revolving Door

Filmed on location at Barwon prison, two young male prisoners describe their experience of punishment and rehabilitation. Their stories explore the day to day goings on of a maximum security prison, uncover their family histories, and views on life outside prison. Through the subtext of voice and gesture other conditions are also exposed.

The style is a mix of artistic narration and documentary interview.

Natasha can be contacted on lacuna@westnet.com.au

Also, huge thanks to Steve Thomas for his talk on Doco Ethics

DOCO ETHICS with Steve Thomas
‘Honest Truths: Documentary Filmmakers on Ethical Challenges in Their Work’ is the American survey that I referred to and it can be downloaded from http://www.centerforsocialmedia.org/ethics.

The article on ‘Informed Consent: Must or Myth?’ by Willemien Sanders of Utrecht University in the Netherlands is attached as a word doc. It was originally circulated via the TOF subscribers’ list and unfortunately some of the formatting has gone out of whack but it’s still readable! (if anyone wants to go through and tidy it up they are welcome).

Kate Nash’s University of Tasmania PhD about participants’ experiences of being in documentaries (entitled ‘Beyond the Frame: A Study in Observational Documentary Ethics’) is not yet available online and anyway it’s a hefty read (though very readable). Instead people can read the first of three articles Kate has written, summarising her findings, in Metro Magazine – starting with the current issue No 165 which focusses on Australian doco maker Tom Zubrycki’s ‘Molly and Mobarak’ - and with the other two parts to follow in future issues. Metro can usually be found in libraries or bookshops like Readings.

If anyone has any other topics they'd like to see addressed at 10 x 10, let us know and we'll do our best to line something up.

Due to MIFF proving very popular this time of year we have decided to skip August's 10 x 10. See you at a MIFF screening and we'll catch you on Tuesday 14th September.

If you would like to screen in September just email

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